Saturday, June 25, 2016

Inner Child Meditation

How To Heal Your Inner Child

Have you ever pondered the little girl or boy version of yourself?? You know, when you were a tiny baby fresh to the world, a small child running through life...Well, I am here to tell you that your little child is still within you. Are you nourishing your inner child? 

If not, you are not alone, it is common for us to forget about our inner child and pretend that we are just "grown ups" now. Wrong!! 
It is highly important to love and nourish our inner child, so that we can flourish in our "adult" lives. I had to dive in to inner child healing work, as I had many traumatic events and circumstances from childhood through my 20s. HEALING Your Inner Child with Guided Inner Child Meditations is easy and rewarding too!

I work with Joe Vitale in his award-winning program that helps to HEAL YOUR INNER CHILD, if you are interested in HEALING your Inner Self, and improving your Life in grand ways, I HIGHLY RECOMEND that you try out: JOE VITALE'S Healing Your Inner Child. 

Healing Your Inner Self starts by LOVING YOURSELF, all of Yourself. Not just the wonderful qualities about yourself, but all the qualities that make up YOU!!! Self-Love is a gateway to Heal Your Inner Child.

I Have also had great success with MIND Movies and Brainwave Entrainment!! Here are my Top Recomendations:

I Wish You SO Much Success Journeying through Healing & Self-Love, May all of our Inner Children be Healed and Loved. Namaste,
Violet Moon, High Priestess